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2014Cam Before The Storm5yr old EntireMcArdleGeoff and Jude KnightMatty Williamson2600 metre stand30 metres3-38.1
2015Belkmyster5 yr old geldingMach ThreeGraeme AndersonJonny Cox2600 metre stand30 metres3-28.7
2016Titan Banner4 yr old geldingArt MajorGraeme AndersonRory McIIwrick2600 metre stand20 metres3-27.6
2017Costa Del Magnifico5 yr old EntireMach ThreeBrent ShirleyNathan Williamson2600 metre stand35 metres3-20.4
2018Pass The Speights5 yr old geldingBettor's DelightBrendon McLellanBrendon McLellan2600 metre stand10 metres3-26.7