Omakau and Roxburgh

Roxburgh PacersUpdated: 9th June 2019   
2180 metres mobile3 yr old colts/geldingsQuick As A Trick2-40.401/05/2014
3 yr old filliesCelestial Arden2-42.101/04/2016
4 yr old and older geldings/entiresQuick As A Trick2-40.401/05/2014
4 yr old and older maresHere We Go Again2-38.801/05/2014
All ComersHere We Go Again2-38.801/05/2014
2180 metres stand4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresPetes Reward2-45.001/04/2013
2600 metre stand3 yr old colts/geldingsTrue Macatross3-31.912/17/1989
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresMepal Luck3-26.012/16/1990
4 yr old and older maresCity Clipper3-26.503/23/1991
All ComersCity Clipper3-26.503/23/1991
2700 metre stand3 yr old colts/geldingsTas Man Bromac3-24.201/04/2015
3 yr old filliesLady Director3-30.704/14/1998
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresComply Or Die3-22.901/05/2014
4 yr old and older maresDelishka3-25.001/04/2018
All ComersComply Or Die3-22.901/05/2014
3200 metre stand4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresEastwood Jaunty4-05.101/04/2001
4 yr old and older maresShoshoni Sunrise4-09.501/04/2002
All ComersEastwood Jaunty4-05.101/04/2001
Roxburgh Trotters
2180 metre stand3 yr old colts/geldingsMillions To Spare2-54.501/04/2013
3 yr old filliesShe's Allthe Craze2-54.101/04/2016
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresMillions To Spare2-54.501/04/2013
4 yr old and older maresNicole Star2-54.504/13/2004
All ComersShe's Allthe Craze2-54.101/04/2016
2700 metre stand3 yr old colts/geldingsCilla's Son3-44.504/04/1998
4 yr old and older maresDavy's Gift3-29.601/04/2015
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresWar Machine 3-28.201/04/2018
All ComersWar Machine 3-28.201/04/2018
3200 metre stand4 yr old and older maresPenlight Miss4-14.704/12/1993
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresCripple Creek4-14.904/02/2003
All ComersPenlight Miss4-14.704/12/1993
Records broken this season