Tuapeka Cup

Tuapeka Cup       
1993Mighty Silks4 yr old geldingSilk LegacyMrs LE and W FergusonPG Shand3200 metres4-13.1
1994Chanceafella5 year old mareSon Of AfellaC BuchanN McIntyre3200 metres4-13.2
1995Nero's Charger5 year old geldingNero's BBG ShirleyBR Shirley3200 metres4.13.1
1996Future Fortune7 year old mareFuture HanoverIG GoodmanCT Woodward3200 metres4-20.5
1997Nuclear Byrd4 year old geldingNuclear CanyonEM RyanML Price2200 metre mobile2-47.6
1998Dorunrun4 year old geldingClever InocenceRN StraightLW Crawford3200 metres4-09.0
1999Abbeyshrule5 year old mareCam's TricksterBC HuttonRT May3200 metres4-11.9
2000Black Eyed Bailey6 year old mare Holmes HanoverDA TaylorMP Jones3200 metres4-09.6
2001Owaka Jack5 year old geldingFalcon SeelsterWE StapletonRT May3200 metres4-11.8
2002OK Blue Jeans5 year old geldingOK ByeJK McRaeRH Swain3200 metres4-06.9
2003Rakanra5 year old geldingSoky's AtomCJ BarronCJ Barron3200 metres4-09.5
2004Happy Gilmour7 year old geldingStand TogetherSG MathiesonBM Norman3200 metres4-09.4
2005Grenfell Robyn6 year old geldingHolmes HanoverDA TaylorMP Jones3200 metres4-10.2
2006Les Lisle4 year old geldingLisleaRW CurtinRW Curtin jnr3200 metres4-10.6
2007Roman Gladiator7 year old geldingChristian CullenCH Baynes and RH SwainRH Swain3200 metres4-05.6
2008Roadnight Charlie5 year old geldingCourage Under FireTS and Mrs GS ChmielTS Chmiel3200 metres4-11.0
2009Highview Tommy4 year old entireBettors DelightM Purdon and GR PayneBN Orange3200 metres4-03.2
2010Anvils Best Ever4 year old entireElsuNR McGrathNR McGrath3200 metres3-59.7
2011River Black4 year old entireCourage Under FireDA TaylorMP Jones3200 metres4-04.0
2012Montecrengle4 year old geldingCourage Under FireRJ DunnGD Smith3200 metres4-05.3
2013Comply Or Die5 year old geldingLive Or DieKM BarronKM Barron3200 metres4-08.1
2014Explosive Art4 year old entireArt MajorGT and PT CourtRT May3200 metres4-05.6
2015Titan Banner4 year old geldingArt MajorGJ AndersonDJ Dunn3200 metres4-01.4
2016Captain Dolmio5 year old geldingGrinfromeartoearMS BrinsdonJR Dunn3200 metres4-13.0
2017Rocki Warrior6 year old geldingWashington VCMiss DM OttleySJ Ottley2700 metre stand3-24.4
2018Pat's Delight4 year old entireBettor's DelightCran DalgetyRT May2700 metre stand3-21.6
2019 *Robyns Playboy4 year old geldingShadow PlayRoss and Chris WilsonCraig Ferguson2700 metre stand3-21.4
2020Robyns Playboy5 year old geldingShadow PlayRoss and Chris WilsonCraig Ferguson2700 metre stand3.21.7
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