Tony Stratford, Brett Gray, Nathan Williamson and Alister Black talk about their runners for Gore

Tony Stratford

Race One: Midnitetraintogeorgia

Race Two: Westland Peak

Race Three: Casablanca

Race Eight: Unsurpassable (best bet)

Race Twelve: Calypso Rock

Brett Gray

Race Two: In The Groove

Race Three: Swedish Starlet

Race Six: Sassy’s VC

Race Seven: The High Commander

Race Nine: Memphis Tennessee

Race Eleven: Peregrine (best bet)

Race Eleven: Allaboutthemoment 

Race Eleven: Afterburner

Nathan Williamson

Race Two: Donald Trump (best bet)

Race Three: One Hopeful Dream 

Race Six: Ah Mach (on the quick turnaround)

Race Nine: Get Up N Dance

Race Ten: Andy Hall

Race Eleven: Ruby Seddon

Alister Black

Race Nine: Keep On Dreaming (best bet)

Race Ten: Get Lucky

Race Eleven: Dont Ask