Southern Horses To Follow 2019-2020

Southern trainers and owners tip horses in their stable they think will do well in the 2019-2020 season

Brendon McIntyre

Horses: The Mighty Cullen – Has developed nicely over the Winter and is looking forward to early season form. Maiden fields shouldn’t hold him for long. My Georgie Boy – Should offer trainer Peter Hunter a good Country Cups horse this season.

Craig Ferguson 

Horses: Paddy Finn (Christian Cullen – Ellish Finn) and Sherwood Maggie (Live of Die – Mary Margaret)

Doug McLachlin

Horses: Racing Minister (Live Or Die – Cassiopeia), Doubt Me Not (Gotta Go Cullect – No Doubt About It), Franco Huntington (Changeover – Heraldic Franco) and Kramer (Shadow Play – CC Windermere)

Alister Black
Horses: Plaschke (Sportswriter – Holm’s Spirit) and Lawrence (Shadow Play – Lillian)

Kirk Larsen

Horses: Oneloveonelife (Somebeachsomewhere – One Dream) and Mr McLaren (Mach Three – Miss Elsie)

Kirstin Barclay and Tank Ellis

Horses: Watch Me Now (He’s Watching – Mach N Elle), Madrik (The Best Madrik – The Fiery Filly), Smokin Bandar (Monkey Bones – The Fiery Filly) and Allaboutclass (A Rocknroll Dance – Classy Fleet)

Robin Swain

Horses: Kickupyaheels (A Rocknroll Dance – Little Egypt)

Ross Wilson

Horses: Swift Robyn (American Ideal – Robyn Joan) and Sweet Chilli (Mach Three – Brooke Robyn)

Shane Matheson

Horses: Justin’s Sister (Live Or Die – Just So Fair) and The Croupier (Roll With Joe – Sam’s Beach Babe)

Lauren Pearson

Horses: Classie Reactor (Auckland Reactor – Mullaghmore) and Lila Rose (Sportswriter – Beaudiene Brilliance)

Murray Brown

Horses: Stay Aboard (Christian Cullen – Zeonly Survivor)

Nathan Williamson

Horses: Croesus (Art Major – Dolly McD) and Mitre Peak (Peak – Bet’s Best)

Peter Hunter

Horses: Prince Abbey (Auckland Reactor – Bantry Abbey) and Rakastella (Art Major – Rakaudi)

Syd Breen

Horses: Sagwitch (Lis Mara – Shoshoni Sunrise) and American Mac (American Ideal – Maudola)

Tony Stratford

Horses: Ideal Draw (American Ideal – Changel) and Renegade Rose (Sweet Lou – Tipsy Too)

Trevor Proctor

Horses: Tact Eze (Art Major – Tact Lizzie) and Tact Oscar (Art Major – Tact Hayley)

Brett Gray

Horses: Stratofortress (Art Major – Bettor Hurry) and Cassius Bromac (He’s Watching – Cozette Bromac)

Brian Norman

Horses: Lamborne Road (Washington VC – Abararka) and Whatwillbewillbe (Majestic Son – Becky’s Baby)

Clark Barron

Horses: Vergeofgreatness (Washington VC – Joyfulbelle) and Alpine Retreat (Monarchy – Sunny Sierra)