Southern Bred Southern Reared

Southern Bred Southern Reared on a High

Southern Bred Southern Reared yearlings have topped the past three Premier Sales and it’s highly likely the same will happen again this month.

In 2013 and 2015 the progeny of Asabella; Titanium $170,000 and Bollinger $200,000 sat at the top while in 2014 Beaudiene Babe’s colt Beaudiene Beaufighta was the top seller at $140,000.

“The results have catapulted the brand,” said committee member John Stiven.

Another sale topper for the group was Tuapeka Mariner ($250,000) in 2008.

SBSR was a concept that was initially talked about by the late Doug Stiven of Tapanui and Dave Kennedy of Bayswater and it was in 2002 that Dave Kennedy, Mark O’Connor, Debbie Smith and John Stiven formed the inaugural committee.

“The reason why we got SBSR going was to get Southerners working together to raise the profile of the product at the sales.” Stiven said.

SBSR is open to all southern breeders in Otago and Southland at a cost of $120 if the yearlings are outside of the region or $200 for yearlings that are prepared in Southland and therefore able to be paraded on the group’s annual presales bus tour.

Stiven says the bus tour for trainers and buyers is one of reasons SBSR has been successful.

“We get about 22 to 25 buyers each year now and it is very beneficial for those buyers to be able to come, and of all our vendors, Ken Barron, Greg Payne and Michael House have never missed one.”

SBSR also promotes substantially through a variety of magazines and websites and employs local television production company CUE TV to film and market their stock.

The brand has 66 yearlings at this year’s sale including a full brother to Fight For Glory, half-brothers to Smiling Shard, I’m Corzin Terror, Chase the Dream, as well as Somebeachsomewhere colts from Jewels winner Pembrook’s Delight and Asabella.

“It’s a terrific draft this year. Normally you get one or two standouts but this year we have up to twenty nice yearlings.”

Stiven says the SBSR brand is being recognised in Australian and with I’m Themightyquinn, Beaudiene Boaz, I’m Victorious, Fight For Glory and Arden Rooney flying the flag it’s only going to get stronger.

“When Our Blackbird ran in the Interdominion Final his owner referred to him as another SBSR product. We certainly punch above our weight.”

Outside of the yearlings sales SBSR is also the group behind a new two year old race – The Diamond Creek Farm Classic at Ascot Park Invercargill on Diamonds Day which is into its second edition this season. The race was won last season by star pacer Lazarus.

Last year we ran the race for $22,000 and this year it’s been set at $25,000 and we are working with HRNZ to get it to group status in 2017. We also have breeder and owner bonuses in place for the first SBSR purchased horse home in the race.”

The group realise that to get group status, one of the key criteria is to get the number of starters up and to that end they’re offering $500 to all runners in this year’s event.

The race is sponsored by American heavyweight Diamond Creek Farm.

“We asked Adam Bowden if he thought Diamond Creek Farm was a good fit for Diamonds Day and said that SBSR supported the two year old race. He was happy to make a five year commitment through service to A Rocknroll Dance and Sweet Lou with the right of renewal.”

For decades Southern Breed Southern Reared horses have been proving the importance of the southern region to the Australian racing industry, and beyond.

It all started with trail blazers like Cardigan Bay, Robin Dundee, Stella Frost and Young Quinn.

Stiven said “Southland has long been regarded as the Kentucky of New Zealand. The SBSR group has managed to work together for the betterment of the Southern region as a platform to show unity in the sale of yearlings from this special part of the world. It also shows the group is more than yearlings with the sponsorship of the Two Year Old Diamond Classic.”

The unique and successful Southern Bred Southern Reared brand continues to put Southland on the map.