Southern Belle Speed Series

Southern Belle Speed Series Winners
Year Winner Driver Trainer Track Distance Time Winning Sire Second
2008 Artishake RT May Jamie Gameson Winton 1609 1-56.2 Artiscape Presidential Reign
2009 Mywayorthehighway JR Dunn Robert Dunn Winton 1609 1-57.4 In The Pocket Holmezy
2010 Beaudiene Bad Babe DJ Dunn Murray Brown Winton 1609 1-57.2 Badlands Hanover Telemecanique
2011 Hannah DJ Dunn Jeremy Douglas Winton 1609 1-54.3 Badlands Hanover Storm Line
2012 Pembrook’s Delight MJ Williamson Geoff and Jude Knight Winton 1609 1-56.5 Bettor’s Delight Citylight
2013 Better To Be Bad BG Barclay Steve Ashton Winton 1609 1-54.4 Badlands Hanover Seabreeze Star
2014 Helena Jet RT May Greg and Nina Hope Winton 1609 1-54.4 Jereme’s Jet Repeat After Me
2015 Sell A Bit Stephen NcNally Brent White Winton 1609 1-54.1 Julius Caesar Royal Counsel
2016 Rocker Band Samantha Ottley Mark Jones Winton 1609 1-55.4 Rocknroll Hanover Motu Moonbeam
2017 Break Dance Jonny Cox Amber Hoffman Winton 1609 1-53.3 Art Major Kayteeoh Denario
2018 Spirit Of Delight Samantha Ottley Regan Todd Winton 1609 1-55.2 Bettor’s Delight Especial
2019 Chitura Craig Thornley Steven McRae Winton 1609 1-54.4 Changeover Sweet Mary
Race Record