Southern Belle Speed Series 2020-2021-Points Update

Southern Belle Speed Series - 2020-2021 
Wairio 21/12/2020
Yankee Party Qualified
Baileys Diamond8 points
Swell Time6 points
Plutonium Lady4 points
Pearl Harbour2 points
Jody Direen1 point
Forklore 1 point
Lulu Le Mans1 point
Ride In A Concorde1 point
Von Art1 point
Sagano1 point
The Optimist1 point
Winton 31/12/2020
A Taste Of HoneyQualified
Pearl Harbour8
Plutonium Lady6
Might Be Me4
Swell Time2
Ideal Gal1
Dress Code1
Baileys Diamond1
Jody Direen1
Winton 21/02/2021
Miss AucklandQualified
Pay Me Speedy8
Calico Hill6
Swift Robyn4
Silk 1
A Taste Of Honey1
Art Courage1
Riverton 4/03/2021
Pearl HarbourQualified
Might Be Me8
Dress Code6
Who Made Who4
A Taste Of Honey2
Jody Direen1
Calico Hill1
Miss Auckland1
Lilac Becky1
Lilac Star1
1Yankee Party
2A Taste Of Honey
3Miss Auckland
4Pearl Harbour
5Might Be Me
6Baileys Diamond
7Plutonium Lady
8Swell Time
9Pay Me Speedy
10Dress Code
11Calico Hill
12Swift Robyn
13Who Made Who