Perfect Result in Hygain Revell Douglas Series

Perfect Result in Hygain Revell Douglas Series

6th January 2022

Bruce Stewart

Today’s result in the Hygain Revell Douglas Junior Driver Series was perfect on a personal level and also for punters.

The winner Franco Stefan was the favourite, and the winning driver is former Northerner Kaleb Bublitz.

Franco Stefan warming up

The series is named after northern horseman Revell Douglas who tragically lost his life a year ago at Kariotahi Beach after saving his children who got in trouble while swimming.

“He was a rep for Hygain, and I got to know him when he was delivering feed. I drove for him a couple of times and he was a real good bloke. It’s great to see them (HRNZ) have a series in his honour. He was a bloody good bloke and good to have a laugh with and super understanding if you made mistakes. He was so easy to have a chat with,” Bublitz said.

Today was the first of the Series in both islands with the winner of the Series receiving a scholarship from Hygain. The horses in today’s race were allocated by ballot.

“When I Iooked at the field I was stoked to see which horse I’d drawn and thought ‘you beauty.”

In today’s race Bublitz stayed out of the early rush but always had designs on the lead.

“That was always the plan, it was just a matter of when, not if. They were all going for it at the front in the early stages. When they settled and found their places I just cruised up and got to the front.”

Once in front Franco Stefan seemed to switch off.

“He was a wee bit lazy. I had to keep him on the job. I had to pull the plugs at the half, and he did what he had to do.”

Turning into the long Cromwell straight, it looked likely the four year old would win.

“He was travelling good turning in. I just had to give a few taps to keep him on the job and to let him know he was supposed to be sprinting. All the way up the straight I kept at him.”

Franco Stefan winning for Kaleb Bublitz

Today’s win was Bublitz’s fourth having moved South after a winless run in the North with a desire for a change in luck.

“It’s a confidence thing. I’m driving for Phil (Williamson), and I’ve been getting advice from him, Brad, Matty and Nathan (Williamson) and driving nice horses which helps. I get the most chat from Brad because he likes winding me up.”