Pat-Super Fast

Pat – Super Fast

Bruce Stewart

Although mobile starts are not usually Brent Barclay’s preference, today he didn’t mind because it helped talented trotter Super Fast Pat, trained by Barclay’s partner Lauren Pearson to win and smash the Winton, Southland and New Zealand record.

The five year old has a tendency to break during races. But if he trots well he tends to be a winner.

The race start was delayed due to the starter having to wait for the ambulance to return to the track. During this time Barclay said Super Fast Pat didn’t sweat up too much, but that he was on the toe and this has been his undoing in the past.

The race eventually got underway and from gate seven Barclay took the gelding to the front.

“That was the idea, to run them off their feet.”

By the 1700 metres Barclay was in front and he made sure the pace was solid. He had a couple of glances behind at the 1200 and 800 but the rest of the field wasn’t making too much headway.

Super Fast Pat in front with a lap to run – Photo Bruce Stewart

With 400 metres to run he’d opened up a gap of eight lengths on his rivals and at the finish he was seven and a half lengths in front of Rydgemont Milly, with half a neck back to Seekie Monkey.

Super Fast Pat on his own at the finish – Photo Bruce Stewart

The winning time was 2-56.6 with the last 800 metres trotted in 57.9 and 400 in 29 seconds.

“He felt super today. He got a bit tired at the finish, which is understandable.”

Win number three in the bag – Photo Bruce Stewart

The previous all-comers track record for trotters for the 2400 metres mobile was 2-58.9, held by Dark Horse. It was also a new New Zealand record.

Barclay commented that he wasn’t surprised by the time.

“Not really. I honestly thought he’d go 2-59. Three seconds quicker is good. He’s blowing a bit but its 30 degrees. He should take benefit from the run.”

Super Fast Pat  is owned by Ginger Woodhouse and Neil Edge, and Barclay said he’d felt fairly confident the horse would go well today.

“I told the owners the only thing that will beat him was himself.”

This was the horse’s third win from eleven starts and his first win from behind the mobile arm. He’s had nine of his starts from the stand, winning just twice.

“Our biggest worry is the standing start. He’s always had the motor. It does get frustrating. He’s got the motor to be a really good horse but his attitude and the standing starts are going to hold him back. He might end up in Aussie yet just for the mobiles.”

Barclay said some consideration will be given to running the gelding at Invercargill on Cup Day at the end of January.

“But he’s never got round a 1000 metre track. If he’s not there we might look at Wyndham but the owners may want to send him north.”

Super Fast Pat has been a bit of a handful for Pearson and Barclay but his talent has saved him from being sent elsewhere.

“You can’t catch him. He bolts when you let him go. He’s not a nice horse to be around but when you get hold of him he’s like a lamb.”

Barclay has won over 150 races driving trotters, and today he rated Super Fast Pat as the best he’s driven. He’d previously rated Gee Up Neddy as the best.

“This fella’s got a bigger motor than him.”