Oamaru Juvenile Stakes

Oamaru Juvenile Stakes     
Year WinnerDriverTrainerDistance Time
1941Pacing PowerR.B BerryMile and a 1/42-52 3/5
1942Captain MorantFreeman HolmesMile and a 1/42-53 1/5
1943Scottish EmperorGeorge NobleMile and a 1/42-48 1/5
1944Not Run
1945Globe DirectDoug WattsMile and a 1/42-54 3/5
1946Sahara QueenLeicester FrostMile and a 1/42-50 4/5
1947DemetriusMaurice McTigueMile and a 1/42-52.0
1948VigilantFreeman HolmesMile and a 1/42-51.0
1949Young CharlesColin BerkettMile and a 1/42-50 3/5
1950VivantiCecil DevineMile and a 1/42-51.0
1951MagicianDerek JonesMile and a 1/42-48 4/5
1952Moss HallWes ButtMile and a 1/42-52 2/5
1953LynberneDoody TownleyMile and a 1/42-50 2/5
1954Royal MinstrelGeorge NobleMile and a 1/42-52 3/5
1955PointerWilliam RobinsonMile and a 1/42-44.0
1956Golden HeroFreeman HolmesMile and a 1/42-46.0
1957Seafield LadWes ButtMile and a 1/42-54 3/5
1958Shelly's BlueFreeman HolmesMile and a 1/42-50.0
1959Sun ChiefDoodyTownleyMile and a 1/42-50 2/5
1960Jay ArGeorge NobleMile and a 1/42-46 3/5
1961LordshipDenis NyhanMile and a 1/42-49 3/5
1962ThunderboyGeorge NobleMile and a 1/42-45 3/5
1963PeerswickJack LittenJack LittenMile and a 1/42-46 -2/5
1964OrioleWes ButtMile and a 1/42-44 3/5
1965Bass Strait Cecil DevineMile and a 1/42-50 2/5
1966Holy HalKen BallochDavey ToddMile and a 1/42-48-2/5
1967Forward StarGraham HolmesGraham HolmesMile and a 1/42-45 3/5
1968Friendly ForbesLeo MayClarrie MayMile and a 1/42-57 1/5
1969Direct ReturnPat OReilly snrPat O'ReillyMile and a 1/42-44.6
1970Noble HanoverDoug MangosDoug MangosMile and a 1/42-49.0
1971LightseyMaurice HolmesRoyce BelcherMile and a 1/42-48.6
1972Rebel CasteJack Carmicheal Des GriceMile and a 1/42-47.0
1973Kawerau GoldMaurice SkinnerFrank OliverMile and a 1/42-49.2
1974NoodlumMaurice HolmesFreeman HolmesMile and a 1/42-43.4
1975Harbour HanoverJack SmolenskiJack SmolenskiMile and a 1/42-39.6
1976Castle DergRichard BrosnanRichard Brosnan2000 metres2-44.6
1977Rock OnRobert CameronCyril White2000 metres2-48.6
1978Whispering CampaignJack LittenJack Litten2000 metres2-41.0
1979WickliffePeter JonesDerek Jones2000 metres2-44.4
1980BradwinClarrie WoodwardIvan Court2000 metres2-44.2
1981Kawarau DoonRobert CameronMaurice Skinner2000 metres2-41.7
1982BoranaGeorge ShandGeorge Shand2000 metres2-40.0
1983Comedy LadRobert CameronDes Baynes2000 metres2-41.0
1984Loveridge Robert CameronCecil Scott2000 metres2-40.6
1985Ian MacKevin TownleyBill McDonald2000 metres2-37.2
1986Admiral LucaHamish HunterHamish Hunter2000 metres 2-42.0
1987PetiteJohn VersteegJohn Versteeg2000 metres2-38.0
1988AgileJohn VersteegJohn Versteeg2000 metres2-41.4
1989Honkin VisionHenry SkinnerAlan Devery and Henry Skinner2000 metres 2-35.0
1990Not Run
1991PaymasterMike DeFilippiPaul Hadfield2000 metres2-39.4
1992Swift EditionPatrick O'ReillyPatrick O'Reilly2000 metres2-39.6
1993Be Be LumberKen BarronAlan Devery2000 metres2-44.3
1994Franco JebKirk LarsenKirk Larsen2000 metres2-37.4
1995Beaudiene ButlerJohn HayMurray Brown2000 metres2-36.9
1996Smooth TyronGerard O'ReillyPatrick O'Reilly2000 metres2-36.3
1997Hilarious HeatherJim CurtinJim Dalgety2000 metres2-35.1