Excellence Awards (Updated)

Southern Harness Racing - Award of Excellence Winners 
1997Diamond Field
1998Night Allowance
2002Sundons Luck
2005Son Of Afella
2006Jonny Cox
2006Western Dream
2007It's Ella
2007Springbank Richard
2008It's Ella
2008Springbank Richard
2008Ardens Darlin
2008Idid It Myway
2011Washington VC
2012The Mightyquinn
2013The Mightyquinn
2014Bit Of A Legend
2015Arden's Choice
2015Democrat Party
2015Mossdale Connor
2015Pemberton Shard
2015Jaccka Justy
2016Nathan Williamson
2017Kieran McNaught
2018 Sheree Tomlinson
2018Pat's Delight
2019Ellie Barron