Central Otago (Omakau) Track Records

Central Otago Track Records Updated: 3rd January 2022  
2000 metre mobile3 yr old colts/geldingsTorrid Bromac2-25.101/02/2016
3 yr old filliesBettor Think Twice2-25.801/02/2015
4 yr old and older maresCallie's Delight2-23.901/02/2022
4 yr old and older geldings/entiresFunatthebeach 2-22.201/02/2019
All ComersFunatthebeach 2-22.201/02/2019
2000 metre stand3 yr old colts/geldingsMister Whipster2-36.801/02/1985
All ComersMister Whipster2-36.801/02/1985
2600 metre mobile3 yr old colts/geldingsHolme Grown3-19.810/02/2008
3 yr old filliesMaritime Arden3-19.901/02/2015
4 yr old and older maresLady Toddy3-11.601/02/2005
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresClassie Brigade3-09.901/02/2017
All ComersClassie Brigade3-09.901/02/2017
2600 metre stand3 yr old colts/geldingsHicori3-20.901/02/2018
3 yr old filliesJessie Ruby3-30.801/02/1985
4 yr old and older maresTartan Lady3-17.201/02/1999
4yr old and older/geldings/entiresLive Again3-19.301/02/2005
All ComersTartan Lady3-17.201/02/1999
2000 metre mobile3yr old colts and geldingsSpringbank Eden2-33.401/02/2015
3yr old filliesShes Like The Wind2-35.401/02/2019
4 yr old and older maresRoyal Kenny2-29.801/02/2016
All ComersSundees Son2-25.601/02/2022
2600 metre mobile3 yr old colts/geldingsDoctor Mickey3-20.301/02/2008
4 yr old and older maresReady Set3-17.601/02/2011
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresSpringbank Sam3-12.801/02/2016
All ComersSpringbank Sam3-12.801/02/2016
2600 metre stand3 yr old colts/geldingsRhythmic Sun3-27.701/02/2010
4 yr old and older maresLady Segil3-21.701/02/2007
4 yr old and older geldings/entiresBrads Kenny3-23.701/02/2017
All ComersLady Segil3-21.701/02/2007
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresMillions To Spare2-54.501/04/2013
4 yr old and older maresNicole Star2-54.504/13/2004
All ComersShe's Allthe Craze2-54.101/04/2016
2700 metre stand3 yr old colts/geldingsCilla's Son3-44.504/04/1998
4 yr old and older maresDavy's Gift3-29.601/04/2015
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresWar Machine 3-28.201/04/2018
All ComersWar Machine 3-28.201/04/2018
3200 metre stand4 yr old and older maresPenlight Miss4-14.704/12/1993
4 yr old and older/geldings/entiresCripple Creek4-14.904/02/2003
All ComersPenlight Miss4-14.704/12/1993
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