Alabar Southern Supremacy Stakes Final – Preview

$30,000 Alabar Southern Supremacy Stakes (Group Three)

Mobile 2700 metres

Horse: Love On The Rocks

Trainers: Kirstin Barclay and Paul Ellis

Driver: Kirstin Barclay

Barrier: F1

Comment: One of the rising stars last winter. First real big test. On watch.

Horse: Racing Minister

Trainer: Doug McLachlan

Driver: John Morrison

Barrier: F2

Comment:  A model of consistency. Surrounded by too much talent.

Horse: Spirit Of St Louis

Trainers: Graeme Anderson and Mike Love

Driver: Matthew Williamson

Barrier: F3

Comment: Highest accessed horse and top qualifier for the series. Could get a nice sit to use his lethal finish. Top two.

Horse: Burnham Boy

Trainer: Mark Jones

Driver: Sam Ottley

Barrier: F4

Comment: (audio)

Horse: Longueval

Trainer: Nathan Williamson


Barrier: F5

Comment: (audio)

Horse: Mach Quillan

Trainer: Matt Brinsdon


Barrier: F6

Comment: Nice enough gelding but looks to be outclassed in this grade.

Horse: Tyron’s Bit Of Lemon

Trainer: Robert Dunn

Driver: John Dunn

Barrier: F7

Comment: (audio)

Horse: Robyns Shadow

Trainers: Ross and Chris Wilson

Driver: Craig Ferguson

Barrier: F8

Comment:  Out of form and draw doesn’t help. Not this time

Horse: Pembrook Playboy

Trainer: Nathan Williamson

Driver: Nathan Williamson

Barrier: SR1

Comment: (audio 1)

Comment: (audio 2)