Madrik Trotter With Potential

Madrik Trotter With Potential

Saturday 30th May 2020

Bruce Stewart

Madrik lived up to his big wrap when he stepped, led and won at Ascot Park today.

The three year old had won impressively at last week’s trials and was made favourite for his debut.

Madrik (file)

“He had excuses at the start as he was playing up, but he did everything right after that. He can get on edge at the start but once he goes he’s normally pretty good.  I’m over the moon.” said co-trainer and driver Kirstin Barclay.

She let the gelding roll along in front and he went down to the line, winning easily by a length and a quarter from another debutante Top Pocket Chance.

“He did knock off at the end but he still had the fixed deafeners in. We haven’t pulled the plug on him yet but when we do I’d say he’ll buzz up pretty nice.”

Madrik winning easily for Kirstin Barclay

The outside view – Photo Chelsea Faithful

Returning to the birdcage

Down the lane – Photo Chelsea Faithful

Barclay and co-trainer Tank Ellis have been cautious with the gelding after Barclay had seen him in action with the plugs  out.

“They fell off one day at the beach and I thought I was going to Riverton! (laughter) Hence we haven’t pulled them yet but we’ll have to at some stage.”

Madrik is by Coktail Jet stallion/The Best Madrik out of the Earl mare The Fiery Filly which won once from fifteen starts and was bred by Tom Kilkelly who sponsored today’s race.

“When we broke him in he always had a nice step and he’s always trotted from day one.”

Barclay said Madrik was ready to go before Covid 19.

“In hindsight the little spell did him the world of good as he’s still growing. His races will need to be spaced out.”

Although Madrik won from the front today Barclay says he’s equally as good coming from the back.

“I managed to get him in the field at Workouts and he sprinted up really nice but he ends up in front a lot of the time because he begins so well”

Although impressive today Barclay is under no illusions that the competition will only get better.

“Going forward he’ll be up against the better horses so his manners have got to stay intact.”