Southern Harness Website Proving it’s Worth

Southern Harness Website Proving it’s Worth

(9th April 2020)

Bruce Stewart

In 2007 Southern Harness Racing Clubs made a joint decision to support the development of a harness racing website which would promote the southern racing industry. Hence was born.

In 2018, to reflect the broader catchment from Tuapeka south, the website was renamed and was given a fresh and updated design whilst still retaining all the popular features that had been developed.

The demise of newspaper and magazine publications means the traditional avenues for information, news and results have shifted to online websites.

This took some adjusting to for some, who were not aufait with computers. However over the years the internet has become the norm, and this is reflected in the increasing numbers of people utilizing

In particular, the two year old Southern Harness Website is proving very popular and now has over 10,500 users and this number in increasing by the day.

The 10,583 users have viewed a total of 84,802 pages on the site and each user has viewed an average of 2.6 pages.

The biggest month to date was January 2020 with 2,277 people using the website. February recorded 1,787 and March 1,670.

28,243 users reside in New Zealand, 1,376 in America and 1,318 in Australia. There’s also good traffic from Canada and the UK.

The main devices used to view the site are desktop computers (14,129) followed by mobile phones (12,149) and tablets (5,436).

The most read story to date has been “Tuapeka Dan” – the tribute to the late Father Dan Cummings.

The tipping sheets and trainer audio are very popular too.

In these Covid-19 lockdown times, when perhaps people have more time to browse, it’s noticeable that users have been digging deeper into the archives, perhaps for the first time, or are reacquainting themselves with articles, results, breeding facts and statistics of interest.

In 2007 a website may have been seen to be a stretch of the imagination for some. Now it’s an undoubtedly essential tool for promoting harness racing in the southern region to the world.