Wairio Raceday Isolated by Covid19

Wairio Raceday Isolated by Covid19

Bruce Stewart

The ban on 100 people or more gathering together due to the impact of Covid 19 created an unprecedented race day at Winton today, devoid of the public.

Horses, trainers, drivers, registered stablehands, raceday officials and media only, were permitted to be present on the racetrack, and only those named on the register were allowed through the gate, which was then padlocked.

Tote closed for the day

With just a dozen cars in the car park, no racebooks or totalizator and at most fifteen people watching each race from the stand, it was an odd experience.

Full marks to those present who treated it professionally as usual, but not a raceday as we know it.

Tactical Change leads the charge in Race Three in front of an empty stand

Between races  -not a soul in sight

Those watching the races

Clerk of the Course Sally McKay waiting for the next winner

Heading back to the stables