Drive With Five


Drive with five

Shane Walkinshaw


Wyndham HRC

Race 2

        Toby O’Gara       

$10 each way.





Dollars won:


Shane’s form line: X262543700

Jokers: 1/3

Shu Bets: 2/2

Matty Williamson

 Wyndham HRC

Race 10

 Rn R Windermere

$10 each way



Dollars won: $880.00/$600.00

Matty’s form line: X01161110

Jokers: 3/3

Shu Bets: 1/2

Ellie Barron

 Wyndham HRC

Race  2

Queen Of The Nite

 $50 each way



Dollars won:


Ellie’s form line: X06157775

Jokers: 3/3

Shu Bets: 1/2

Brent Barclay

 Wyndham HRC

Race  4

 Robyn’s Playboy

$100 each way



Dollars won: $370.00/$520.00

Brent’s form line: X324028161

Jokers: 2/3

Shu Bets: 2/2

Brad Williamson

 Wyndham HRC

Race  5

Tairlaw Toll

$10 each way

WINS 3/9

Dollars won: $611.00/$600.00

Brad’s form line: X10301515

Jokers: 3/3

Shu Bets: 1/2

The Drive With Five – How it Works.

    • Each guest selector selects a horse at a Southern Harness meeting and is awarded an imaginary $10 each way bet on the chart.
    • If a horse is scratched, no points will be added to the tally and the running dollar amount will remain the same.
    • The winner of the competition after 12 rounds will be the driver who wins the most money. In case of a draw, a sprint down the Gore grass track will decide the winner!!! Not likely.
    • Three JOKER rounds will be available to each trainer/driver during the series. When they “play” the JOKER the bet will become $50 each way.
    • Twice per round a “Shu In” bet will be allowed which is $100 each way.

Round One: Winton – Saturday 8th September

Round Two: Invercargill – Saturday 22nd September

Round Three: Winton – Thursday 27th September

Round Four: Northern Southland – Saturday 6th October

Round Five: Gore – Saturday 13th October

Round Six: Tuapeka – Sunday 21st October

Round Seven: Invercargill – Sunday 28th October

Round Eight: Riverton – Sunday 4th November

Round Nine: Wyndham – Sunday 11th November

Round Ten: Wyndham – Sunday 18th November

Round Eleven: Invercargill – Friday 23rd November

Round Twelve: Invercargill – Saturday 8th December