Central Otago Cup


Central Otago Cup
Year Winner Age Sire Driver Trainer Distance Time
1972 Roy 6 year old gelding Roydelai GD Shand GD Shand Mile and five furlongs 3.41.3
1973 Michael Campbell 6 year old gelding Young Charles AW Cox HW Cox Mile and five furlongs 3.42.3
1974 Scottish Water 4 yr old entire Scottish Hanover AFH Hunter AM Hunter 2600 metres 3-35.1
1975 Keep Gay 5yr old gelding Keep Away GD Shand GD Shand 2600 metres 3-37.8
1976 Balgove 4yr old gelding Out To Win HW Skinner WA Roberts 2600 metres 3-33.2
1977 Model Lord 4yr old entire Lordship AFH Hunter AM Hunter 2600 metres 3-39.8
1978 Upper Waitaki 7yr old gelding Waitaki Hanover GD Shand GG Sutherland 2600 metres 3-33.2
1979 Eden Guy 5yr old entire Young Charles J Cox HW Cox 2600 metres 3-34.2
1980 Jericho 7yr old gelding Jerry Adios RP Langford WW Stevenson 2600 metres 3-46.6
1981 Catherine Of Aragon 6yr old mare Local Light PG Shand MK Kerse 2600 metres 3-35.6
1982 Good Chance 7yr old gelding Jack Chance PM Williamson G Johnson 2600 metres 3-38.0
1983 Joy Del 8yr old mare Armbro Del KF Norman SC Stephen 2600 metres 3-34.0
1984 Gentle Sir 4yr old gelding Sir Dalrae RH Swain CH Baynes 2600 metres 3-36.2
1985 Garrison’s Image 7yr old gelding Garrison Hanover AG Stack HAA Thomas 2600 metres 3-29.0
1986 Passover 4yr old mare Pass With Care SR Allcock PD Heffernan 2600 metres 3-30.8
1987 Missed Again 5yr old gelding Pass With Care DM Kerr jnr DM Kerr jnr 2600 metres 3-23.4
1988 Blythbank Del 7yr old mare Armbro Del GA Shand GD Shand 2600 metres 3-26.7
1989 Mister Sparks 6yr old gelding Sir Dalrae CJ Barron HD McHugh 2600 metres 3-31.0
1990 Horatius 5yr old gelding Double Century AR Beck AR Beck 2600 metres 3-23.8
1991 Deep Mystery 6yr old mare Admiral Halsey PG Shand Mrs LE Ferguson 2600 metres 3-22.7
1992 Admiral Smooth 5yr old gelding Admiral Halsey AR Beck C Buchan 2600 metres 3-23.7
1993 Jacob Keegan 4yr old gelding Admiral Halsey JC Hay JC Hay 2600 metres 3-22.3
1994 Pass Carefully 6yr old gelding New York Motoring AL Stratford Miss MJ Irvine 2600 metres 3-21.8
1995 Court Summons 7yr old gelding Every Chance PG Shand GD Shand 2600 metres 3-22.9
1996 Preiswert 6yr old mare Double Century AR Beck RJ Faithful 2600 metres 3-19.4
1997 Cairn Legacy 4yr old mare Silk Legacy BR Gray MJ Gray 2600 metres 3-23.4
1998 Nuclear Byrd 4yr old gelding Nuclear Canyon ML Price EM Ryan 2600 metres 3-21.3
1999 Tartan Lady 4yr old mare Holmes Hanover AR Beck RJ Faithful 2600 metres 3-17.2
2000 Dag And Jandel 6yr old mare Equitable II J Herbert RG Cleave 2600 metres 3-27.2
2001 Flash Tactics 4yr old mare Soky’s Atom RT May DP Dynes 2600 metres 3-20.6
2005 Lady Toddy 5yr old mare Live Or Die KM Barron KM Barron 2600 metres mobile 3-11.6
2006 Onedin Legacy 5yr old gelding Sir Vancelot JH Hunter JH Hunter 2600 metres mobile 3-22.7
2007 Nursemaid 6yr old mare Caprook AFH Hunter AFH Hunter 2600 metres mobile 3-14.4
2008 Classic Cullen 6yr old gelding Christian Cullen M Purdon M Purdon & GR Payne 2600 metres mobile 3-18.2
2009 Rocket Reign 5yr old gelding Pacific Reign JR Dunn GR Dunn 2600 metres mobile 3-16.8
2010 Cullen’s Creek 4yr old entire Christian Cullen AM Butt Butt/Anderson 2600 metres mobile 3-16.6
2011 Stunin Cullen 5yr old entire Christian Cullen AM Butt TG Butt 2600 metres mobile 3-12.3
2012 Franco Ledger 4yr old entire Falcon Seelster AFH Hunter AFH Hunter 2600 metres mobile 3-15.8
2013 Four Starzzz Flash 6 yr old entire Four Starzzz Shark Dexter Dunn CT Dalgety 2600 metre mobile 3-22.4
2014 Jason Rulz 5 yr old gelding Courage Under Fire RT May GP and NM Hope 2600 metres mobile 3-14.7
2015 Jason Rulz 6 yr old gelding Courage Under Fire RT May GP and NM Hope 2600 metre mobile 3-11.4
2016 Quick As A Trick 5 yr old gelding Lis Mara JJA Young BG Negus 2600 metre mobile 3-10.0
2017 Classie Brigade 4 yr old entire Bettor’s Delight BN Orange NR McGrath 2600 metre mobile 3-09.9
2018 Tiger Thompson 4 yr old gelding Big Jim MJ Williamson BK Mowbray 2600 metre mobile 3-10.2
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